Libby Crabb
St. Clair NSW

Glenn is an inspirational and motivational coach who guided me through challenging areas of my life I felt needed improvement. The activities I have undertaken have been challenging and powerful in initiating positive change in my life. I have found Glenn's approach to be professional yet amicable and task focused. Glenn, through his life coaching sessions, has been instrumental in helping me define goals related to healthy living. I have definitely benefited from his assistance in taking steps to achieve these goals. Glenn's approach has been especially helpful in assisting me to challenge emotions and unhelpful and negative thoughts that occur in life. As a result of these sessions with Glenn, and the strategies that he has used, I have experienced change in my life. Glenn was skilled in understanding my needs and individualising his approach to best help me to address my areas of concern. I have felt comfortable exploring these areas because of Glenn's kind and understanding nature. I would strongly recommend Glenn if you are looking for a life coach to support and inspire you to address those challenging things in life that we all face.

Hailey Barker
Music Teacher, Vincentia High School NSW

Glenn, Since the performance I have heard only positive feedback from the students and teachers involved and look forward to the possibility of the band returning in the near future. I have no hesitation in recommending The Haworth Music School Tour to other schools and wish you the best of luck in the future.

Brent Lipscombe
Teacher, Magdalene Catholic High School - Narellan NSW

Glenn, Thanks again for today. The feedback from the staff and students was overwhelming and I will ensure to get a few snip its/ comments published and forward onto you to assist in promotion of your great work. Will be booking you in again soon for some dates next year or later this year.

Joshua Barkwith
Teacher, Vincentia High School NSW

Glenn Haworth's recent presentation at Vincentia High School was an inspiration to all. He has an instant connection with the students though his humour and fantastic guitar and vocal performances. In addition to these great performances (that get all laughing and singing along) Glenn delivers "real" heart felt messages to the students through his personal experiences growing up. All students and staff left Glenn's presentation entertained and uplifted. We at Vinnie High eagerly await Glenn's return!

Ruth Power
Teacher, Kiama High School NSW

Glenn creates an awesome finish to our Crossroads Program every year. His unique combination of acoustic solo's and personal recount allows students to feel at ease exploring the issues surrounding Youth Mental Health and the support networks available to them. Our students are always enthusiastically engaged in the positive messages Glenn has to offer and this is always the number one favourite session of the course!

Julie McGregor and Terry Wild
Teacher, Kiama High School NSW

Hey Glenn, this is Julie McGregor and Terry Wild from KHS. We love your work, your enthusiasm, your music and your heart. You are absolutely the bees knees and the cats pyjamas in your fight against bullying and depression. You say it the way it should be said. Keep doing what you do - it is important and helps kids who really need it. You are excellent!