Haworth Music School Tour


Managing Anxiety and Bullying with Music




What we do

We visit both primary and secondary schools bringing live music performances and inspiring presentations to young people.

We inspire and support your students with skills in how to speak up against bullying, set a positive focus and practice gratitude, all with the simplicities of music.


What is the Haworth Music School Tour?

Glenn‘s Haworth Music School Tour starts with a musical performance, which encourages the students to sing along and get moving before the core content of the presentation.  Glenn offers prizes and giveaways for students to “give it all”.

Glenn performs to different age groups ranging from primary school students to high school students. As a result, the content of the workshops varies.

With senior students, we generally focus on anxiety, resilience and stress management.

With junior students we focus on bullying, resilience and self-acceptance.

Glenn leaves with young people feeling inspired, connected and with tools on how to better manage their own wellbeing.


What can the students expect to receive from the presentation?

Learn strategies in self-confidence and self-acceptance

Increased resilience

Tools to handle anxiety and stress

Strategies to handle bullying situations

An understanding of mindset and how to use it

The importance of gratitude

A solution focused mindset

Glenn also provides $100 worth of free giveaways to selected students



Curriculum Links:

We at the Haworth Music School Tour know how important it is to specifically link our presentations to key curriculum areas. While we are not teachers, we work closely with educators to address specific outcomes.


The areas we typically work within are:


PDHPE – Crossroads. Physical Activity and Sports Studies (PASS). Core Areas. Growth and Development. Interpersonal Relationships. Values and Attitudes.


English – Journeys. Character Building. Concept of Self. Belonging.


Music – Live Performances and Participation. Demonstrating an appreciation, tolerance and respect for the aesthetic value of music as an art form.


And Much More – Confidence. Mindset. Resilience. Personal and Social Capabilities.






Ideal For: Primary Yr 5-6

Program Length: 1 Hour

Program Objective: Bullying, Resilience, Acceptance

Program Description: Musical performance and presentation focusing on what to do when we are faced with problems, learning how to overcome challenges, learning to appreciate our own uniqueness and what to do when faced with a bullying situation.


1. Talk - Talk to someone who can help

2. Focus - Focus on the good people in your life who care about you

3. Gratitude - Thinking about what you are grateful for now and what you have to look forward to

Key Topics: Personal Character, Confidence, Resilience, Mindset, Possibility, Seeking Help, Recognising Diversity, Understanding Differences, Managing Change

Curriculum Links: PDHPE, Music



Ideal For: Secondary Yr 7-9

Program Length: 1 Hour

Program Objective: Bullying, Anxiety, Resilience

Program Description: Musical performance and presentation focusing on the thoughts we create in our minds and how to control what we focus on. What to do if faced with bullying and tools on facing problems and challenges in life


1. Talk - Speak up if you experience any bullying to help you change that situation. Also seek help if you experience any overwhelming thoughts through your school counsellor

2. Focus - Focus on the good friends and good people in your life who are there for you

3. Gratitude - Practice writing down what you are grateful for now and what you have to look forward to in the future

Key Topics: Personal Capability, Social Capabillity, Character Building, Confidence, Resilience, Mindset, Journeys

Curriculum Links: PDHPE, English, Music



Ideal For: Secondary Yr 10-12

Program Length: 1 Hour

Program Objective: Resilience, Anxiety, Stress Management

Program Description: Musical performance and presentation focusing on understanding the way our mind works, understanding how to handle negative thoughts and overwhelm and understanding how to face our own problems and challenges in life


1. Talk - Share your thoughts with your support network

2. Focus - Focus on what you want to achieve and the support group you have around you

3. Gratitude - Actively practice the art of gratitude daily

Key Topics: Personal Capability, Social Capability, Character Building, Confidence, Resilience, Mindset, Journeys

Curriculum Links: PDHPE, English, Music





A short video of the Haworth Music School Tour



Praise for the Haworth Music School Tour:


"Glenn Haworth came into Oak Flats with enthusiasm and style. The kids were unsure how to react at first but it wasn’t long before they were laughing, clapping and yelling out requests.  He engaged each student, drew them in with charm, humour and the cool factor, relating to them through music and then sharing his unique story with them of periods of his life where he wasn’t coping with everyday situations. Glenn made the students realise that it was okay to not be okay ALL the time and that feeling anxious and worried was normal. He encouraged them to seek help in tough times and inspired them to be strong and resilient. The student’s all walked away with smiles on their faces, having realised that tough times will come, but they can get through them with the help of those around them. One timid student connected so well that he approached Glenn after to thank him for his words of encouragement and inspiration and share that he himself was feeling exactly how Glenn had described. I have no doubt he and the other students will remember Glenn’s words of wisdom and outgoing personality and it will hopefully build resilience for them in the tough times ahead."

- Danielle Fellows, Head Teacher PDHPE, Oak Flats High School NSW


"Glenn creates an awesome finish to our Crossroads Program every year. His unique combination of acoustic solo's and personal recount allows students to feel at ease exploring the issues surrounding Youth Mental Health and the support networks available to them. Our students are always enthusiastically engaged in the positive messages Glenn has to offer and this is always the number one favourite session of the course!"

- Ruth Power, Teacher, Kiama High School NSW


"Glenn Haworth's recent presentation at Vincentia High School was an inspiration to all. He has an instant connection with the students though his humour and fantastic guitar and vocal performances. In addition to these great performances (that get all laughing and singing along) Glenn delivers "real" heart felt messages to the students through his personal experiences growing up. All students and staff left Glenn's presentation entertained and uplifted. We at Vinnie High eagerly await Glenn's return!"

- Joshua Barkwith, Teacher, Vincentia High School NSW


"Glenn, Thanks again for today. The feedback from the staff and students was overwhelming and I will ensure to get a few snip its/ comments published and forward onto you to assist in promotion of your great work. Will be booking you in again soon for some dates next year or later this year."

- Brent Lipscombe - Teacher, Magdalene Catholic High School, Narellan NSW




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