The UOW Unibar band comp final is on this week with a stellar line-up of fresh local muso’s.

After four heats and the semi-final, just five bands remain to have a crack at the biscuits. With $3000 studio time at Main Street, a $2000 film clip package from Laww Media and $1000 to spend at Haworth’s up for grabs, the top three bands will take home some killer goodies with the winners going on to compete at the regional finals in Sydney. Hopefully they can make it as far as Dlinkwnt last year and go all the way to the Nationals.

The semi-final last week saw We Came for Dinosaurs progress through to the final with great performances from Lucha Libre and Heavyset Dub who both narrowly missed out.

The final will be a tough one to judge with the five remaining bands all possessing unique talents and skills.

With a hoola hooping, golden leotard front-man and the eccentric Jack Tickner on lead guitar, Basil’s Kite will be no doubt be bringing the goods as well as the humour in the final.

Two piece indie-rock band El Grande will also be performing on the night with James Vann on guitar and vocals alongside Joe Mungovan on drums and vocals. These two are like a match made in heaven and have so much groove together that security will have their hands full keeping screaming college girls away from the stage.

Chuparosa will be there with all eight members, churning out some funky reggae tunes and bringing people to their feet as usual. They finished third in the recent LP Original Band Comp and will no doubt be bringing their A-game to the Unibar.

Rivet City have a tight folk-rock sound with killer harmonies and catchy vocal melodies and have a solid following around campus who I’m sure will be there to support them this week.

Completing the line-up are semi-final winners We Came for Dinosaurs, who had more screaming fans last week than I could count. The lead female vocalist really has something special about her and their southpaw guitarist can really play.

The UOW Unibar band comp final is on this Thursday August 21st at 7:30pm with tickets free for UOW students and $10 to everyone else.