Daniel Cartwright of Wicked Bee Productions is now just putting the finishing touches on our new documentary Generation Change. In this doco we confront the issue of bullying and take a deeper look at how it not only affects the young people involved but also how it affects their families at home. We look at how social media plays it's part in it all and interview Ness Love-Monk, the mother of Courtney Love, who at age 14, took her own life from excessive cyber-bullying.

We also interview behavioural therapist Colin Renton and psychologist Carla McNamara as well as students who have experienced bullying in school and online.

Our goal is to raise the awareness around this issue and to encourage young people to talk about it if they go through it themselves, while providing them with the tools to help deal with tough times.

This short doco will now be encorporated into my Haworth Music School Tour shows and will be shared via social media once it's been launched.

The launch date will be mid November so stay tuned for more details to follow on #GenerationChange