This documentary is going to change lives...............and save some too. That is our goal in making this 20 minute film which aims at raising the awareness of bullying with young people today and what we can do about it. The Haworth Music School tour is a project of mine which I've been taking through schools for the past few years, bringing music and fun to students, while educating them on how to deal with anxiety and bullying. It's an initiative which is very close to my heart, having experienced a lot of anxiety personally in my younger years.

Featuring on the documentary is Kiama mother Ness Love-Monk who speaks about how she tragically lost her daughter Courtney Love in 2012 as a result of excessive bullying. Behavioural Therapist Colin Renton and Psyhologist Carla McNamara give us their input on the effects of bullying as well as local students sharing their own personal experiences on what it's like for young people today with social media.

Our aim is to encourage young people to talk about these kinds of issues and to focus their attention on the people in their life who can help to support them when they face challenges.

#GenerationChange is launching at Greater Union Cinema's Shellharbour NSW on Wednesday November 12th. There will be live music performances on the night as well as interviews with the cast. All proceeds go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Tickets are $10 each and are available at either Haworth Music Store or online at