In taking the Haworth Music School Tour through a number of different high schools this year and after talking to students, teachers, parents, counsellors and psychologists, I've seen what a huge effect bullying is having in schools today. Not only is it happening at school, but social media means that it is hard for students to escape it at home as well. Something must be done!

We need to raise the awareness level of bullying and do something now...

I've teamed up with my buddy Daniel Cartwright at Wicked Bee Productions, who is the bee's knee's of videography and film making in the Illawarra. Dan and myself have been interviewing students, counsellors, psychologists and parents to show how bullying affects not just the individual but those around them too.

One of the saddest stories that will be included in the documentary is that of Ness Love-Monk, who lost her daughter Courtney two years ago due to her taking her own life. Courtney was relentlessly bullied and as a result of the constant torment, eventually took her own life. Ness is a very brave woman who is participating in this documentary, as well as coming out with me to the school tour shows to show people how bad bullying can get it we dont do something about it. After conducting Ness's interview and hearing her story, Dan and I were left with tears in our eyes and an even bigger drive to get this message out there.

Also featuring on the doco is Carla Mcnamara, a psychologist who has studied how bullying affects young people later in life and is a wealth of knowledge on the subject. Plus Colin Renton, a behavioural therapist who's passion is working with young people to raise their level of mindfulness through workshops and counselling, will also be featured.

I'm excited to get this doco finished so stay tuned for the release later this year!